Whether you run a large office building and need to ensure employee safety, or run a retail store and need to guard against internal cash register theft, video surveillance will help you put a stop to the crime.

Thieves and criminals are much less likely to commit crimes when they know they will be caught on camera. There is no evidence more powerful than video of a criminal caught in the act. Video surveillance equipment and systems will deter even the most brazen criminals.

Contract Security (UK) Ltd provide:

  • Remote CCTV Monitoring: Alarm Response, Audio Warnings, Incident Reports and Video Recordings.
  • Access Control: Visitor Access, Gatehouse Management, Barrier Control and Facilities Checks.
  • Live CCTV Monitoring, Lone Worker Monitoring, Remote Guard Tours and Mobile Response.

Working with our partners team of CCTV designers and installers and alarm monitoring provider, utilising proven, reliable electronic systems and transmission technologies, ensures all customer relationships are supplied with the correct security solution providing true benefit and value to their business.

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