The Management Team
John Mills, Heidi Morris-Mills, Lee Mills
Stacey Cole, Stacy Stephenson, Nikki Musa Charlie Broadbent, Richard Dobson, Ray Sant, Chris Van Heerden, Phil Jasper, Michael Harding, Ian Mason, David Strange, Phil Cole

Introduction by Heidi Morris-Mills:
Hello again everyone.

We continue to hold our own and have taken on several new sites. If you want to see our performance please use the Web-Check on www.companieshouse/

I want especially to welcome all our new employees and clients. We pride ourselves as being open to employees and we positively ask for your help to improve. Please feedback all your ideas through the supervisors or when you meet a Manager or Director. We value your feedback and the recent analysis of your feedback scores shows that, overall, you are happy with how the company is managed.

Also our clients are happy with the service you provide. Overall their feedback score is 85% (Above Good but not quite Very Good) and exceeds the industry average and equals our previous record – well done everyone!

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We have now joined Pacesetters, the top 5% of security companies by quality of service, and we ask for your continued help and efforts to maintain this magnificent achievement.
Please also note that BSI will visit in November to rate our quality achievement and some of you will be interviewed privately by the assessor in confidence.
Thank you all for your efforts. Heidi Morris Mills

Welcome and Commendations:

We want specially to welcome Nichole Tyrrell and Jake Gannon who recently joined us in the office.
While all of you are performing loyally to us and our clients and our feedback scores bear this out, we want to thank the following for their valued help this year: Tim Marshall, Pierre Gas and Ian Foster.
We would also like to extend our grateful thanks to those of you who have not been mentioned.


We also remind you to take all of your holiday entitlement by 19th. December and to request them giving us at least one month’s notice. Please remember that holidays are not permitted over the Christmas and New Year period, 19th December to 3rd. January. We strongly advise you not to commit to any expense until your request has been confirmed in writing.


We have now completed the mandatory auto enrolment into a pension scheme. If you need further information please see or call the office.

SIA Licences:

We are still having problems with those of you who fail to renew your licences. We are told by SIA that licences have expired and we must obey the law which means you must be suspended without pay or have your employment terminated. Failing to maintain a current SIA licence is classed as gross misconduct. If you have any difficulties please ask Stacey Cole to help.

Assignment Instructions:

Every site has AIs and you should be sure you understand them fully, if not ask your supervisor or a manager to explain any points you do not understand.

It is important that EVERY duty in the AIs is carried out and that any other duties you carry out that are NOT in the AIs are brought to the attention of your supervisor and thence to management.
However this does not mean that you refuse to do a task which is not in the AIs, we ask you to refer to management so that proper arrangements can be made.

Company Policies:

Company policies have been prepared covering Communications, Conflict Management, Data Protection, Environmental, Equal Opportunities & Diversity, Procurement, Health And Safety, Social, Training And Personal Development, TUPE, CCTV and Public Protection. Please let you Supervisor know if you wish to inspect these.

Data Protection:

We remind everyone on your duty to maintain data confidentiality and our policy on Data Protection. You have all signed a Confidentiality Agreement agreeing to report any suspected or actual breaches of confidentiality. Breaches may be Gross Misconduct subject to instant dismissal.
John Mills – Director, Lee Mills – Director